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We do offer different level of courses to cover different business angles. Courses contain information needed to start from scratch and to the established business already.


After you start courses, you will be connected to a leadership driven, goals orentatied community. You will never walk alone in this business.


Business can not be successful if it is not constantly being improved. "Earn who learn" is a simple truth here. The goal of the DS school is to never fall behind and to introduce the latest news and changes on a daily basis. That is why we are the no.1 leaders on this field.

Dropshippingo Mokykla

Active learning system.

Learn how to run a dropshipping business with us!

About Us

A colourful experience blessed and anti-system ambitioned lads, has created a business model which lead to their and community members financial freedom and own time management.

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Product reselling with no need of storing it, internationally.

In this business you can earn as much as you will seek to earn. If you will target $100 as an extra cash - you will earn it. $1000 a day? Sure, it depends on you!

Because we do, what other can't. We do rally a community of same-goals orientated people. They do learn, share the ideas and experience, communicate with each other. It is not just tutoring ans business. Dropshipping is a way of life.

It really depends on your goals. Ideally one "best selling" item may earn you unlimited amounts of money. You can find 2 or 5 or 10 or 100. The sky is the limit. You can spend 30 minutes a day or work full day with an extra hours. If you like to.


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